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I never really thought about this until I was getting around for our long run this morning, but I realized that I have a routine that I have to follow before I head out that front door!

Who would have thought that getting ready to go out for a run could possibly take so long?! I am not sure how long it takes you, but it takes me between 20 and 30 minutes to get ready. Oh, and that’s during the spring/summer months when I don’t have as much to put on. The winter months…even longer…sometimes as long as it takes me to actually run! Crazy!

This morning we got up at 5:30 am, so we could eat a pre-run breakfast (oatmeal…my favorite pre-run breakfast) and get around to go run. Here is how my how my running routine goes…

1. Put shorts, sports bra, and shirt on and in that exact order.

2. Put on socks and running shoes.

3. Pull my hair up into a ponytail and wet it down.

4. Put either my Halo or Sweaty Band on.

5. Brush my teeth.

6. Wash my face.

7. Put my heart rate monitor chest strap on.

8. Tuck in my shirt.

9. Put my Garmin on.

10. Fill up my Camelbak and put it on.

And then, I am usually ready to head out the door…

Here I am before our 18 mile run this morning!

I am not sure why or how I established this running routine, but it is set now and I have to do it before every run. Do you have a pre-run routine? 

Why does this pre-run routine take so long? I don’t have a clue! But, I do know that half of it doesn’t even matter once you are a couple of miles into a run and are all sweaty! At least I feel good for a couple of miles!

Saturday’s are our long run days! I actually look forward to them! It is a way for Rob and I to spend some time together, usually around 3-4 hours, and gives us time to talk. It really helps the miles go by when you have someone to talk to!

We got out of the house a little later than we wanted to, around 7:20 am, but we knew that the weather wasn’t supposed to be too horrible today. It was around 70 degrees with 80% humidity! The weathermen were calling for possible and/or occasional rain showers throughout the day with the greatest chance of rain coming this afternoon. Although, as we set out, it didn’t look too promising…

Due to the humidity, we were sweating pretty good by mile 2, and were hoping for some light showers. We expected to run some of our 18 miles in the rain today, but we only ended up with a few sprinkles here and there. Bummer! Running in the rain, as long as it isn’t down pouring, is refreshing.

The humidity didn’t seem to bother us too much, until around mile 14, but we stuck it out and finished with a good long run. I ended up having a Hammer Gel at mile 14 because the humidity was sucking everything out of me. It starting working almost immediately and I felt great for the rest of the run.

I am so impressed with our run again this week, as it was even better than last week’s 17 miler. Rob is getting stronger and stronger with each run! He had a great week of running and expected to be slower for today’s run, but he did great!

Here are our splits for today’s run:

1— 10:22
2— 10:14
3— 10:16
4— 10:18
5— 10:59 (2 min walk)
6— 10:38
7— 10:27
8— 10:23
9— 10:48 (2 min walk)
10– 10:04
11– 10:07
12– 10:22
13– 10:59 (2 min walk)
14– 10:27
15– 10:26
16– 10:26
17– 11:08 (2 min walk)
18– 10:20

We were very consistent today overall and for each half of the run. I knew it was pretty close for each half, but we still ended up with a negative split…barely!

1st half— 94:29.20
2nd half– 94:23.82

It doesn’t get too much closer than that! Great run today with an average pace of 10:30!

Some people think we are crazy for running all these miles, but…

Which brings me to my next topic…food! It seems like all I have done today, besides run, is eat and I am barely in the positive for net calories today! I can’t believe how hard it is to eat back 1344 calories, especially when you try to eat healthy, nutritious food!

I began my post-run eating with this…

A tuna melt on whole wheat double fiber bread, a side of low fat cottage cheese, and some seedless red grapes. Not my usual post-run meal, but just what sounded good to me today!

After our post-run meal, we ended up taking a nap for about an hour and a half! There is just something about these long runs that make you kind of tired after a good meal!

I woke up, still tired, but too hungry to go back to sleep! So, I was off to the kitchen to find something else to eat and this is what I decided on…

A bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, agave, and homemade peanut butter. Scrambled eggs with 1 whole egg and 3 egg whites, and a banana! This held me over for a little while…1-1/2 to 2 hours!

And as I wrote this post, I ended up having some Ezekiel bread with a little bit of light butter, a bowl of Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola with a 1/2 cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk…

And wouldn’t you know it…I am STILL hungry! Long run days are definitely the hardest days for me to eat enough! There just aren’t enough hours in a day when you spend the first half of your day running, cooling down, and showering!

BUT…I wouldn’t change it for anything! And, on that note, I will leave you with this…

I feel amazing! Don’t you?!

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob