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Rob and I were going to get up early and run, but they were calling for rain and thunderstorms this morning, so we decided to wait and run this afternoon. It looks like we should have run this morning anyway, since it wasn’t storming. It was drizzling a little bit this morning when Rob got up and ready for work, but I am sure it would have been a little bit cooler than it was this afternoon.

Oh well, it all worked out because I was able to still get up early-ish and get some stuff done around the house. I spent part of my morning making some delicious zucchini muffins. I had some zucchini that I needed to use up and zucchini muffins sounded really good. I couldn’t wait for them to finish baking because they were smelling so good. As soon as they came out of the oven I had to have one…

with just a tiny bit of butter on top. Yummy! I love them as soon as they come out of the oven…nice and hot! I probably could have eaten 2 or 3 more, but I only had just the one…for now!

The zucchini muffins didn’t use as much of the zucchini as I thought they would, so I had to figure out another way to use up the zucchini. As a result, I spent part of my afternoon in the kitchen as well. I knew it wouldn’t go over well with Rob, if I made zucchini muffins, and didn’t make something for dinner. So, began my search for something to make for dinner that included zucchini. I found a recipe online for a Zucchini, Chicken and Rice Casserole. I tweaked the recipe a little bit, but dinner turned out great…

and the best part…leftovers! It made enough for Rob to take some for lunch tomorrow, if he wants, and for dinner on Thursday night, which is our week day long run night. I have to figure out something for dinner tomorrow night, but I guess that’s what tomorrow is for!

It was nice to have dinner made up, so we could go out and run this afternoon when Rob got home from work and not have to worry about dinner. Plus, I love having the kitchen cleaned up, so I don’t have to do it at 8 pm. I can blog instead! 🙂

We had a nice 5 mile run this afternoon. It was warm out there though, in the 90’s, but there was a nice breeze. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad! It turned out to be a good run, even though we said we were going to take it slow because it was warm out. We ended up running a 9:52 pace tonight, and weren’t as slow as we thought we were.

I finally remembered to take my camera with me on our run tonight. I have been wanting to start carrying it again because you never know what you might see. We didn’t see anything exciting tonight, but I was able to get a couple of shots of one of my favorite spots on this route…

I just love the bridge! It is even more beautiful in the morning when the sun is rising! I can’t wait to get a shot of it then. It is amazing the things you get to see while you are out for a run!

Rob wasn’t as excited about it as I was, but he was excited that he didn’t have to run his “favorite” part of our route…

Ok, so it really isn’t his favorite part, since it is one of the hills that we run, especially when it is the second or third time running it! Lucky for him though, tonight, we only had to walk it.

It was a beautiful afternoon/evening out there, even if it was a little warm for late August. I can’t wait for Autumn and all of its beautiful colors!

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob