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The other day I was cleaning up my computer and came across an article that I bookmarked and had been meaning to read for several months now. Well, I finally took the time to sit and read it. It was an article about one of my favorite athletes and inspirations for my own running…Dean Karnazes. Never heard of him? You can check out the article here.

Dean is probably most know for his endurance and ability to run for hours without stopping. Yes, hours! I first heard about Dean on Stan Lee’s show Superhumans on the History Channel. Here is another article that provides a short biography on Dean. Dean is known as the Ultra Marathon Man and, rightfully so. He definitely motivates and inspires me to push myself more than I ever thought possible. Now, I am nowhere near the endurance athlete that Dean is, but we all have our own dreams, right?!

I loved this quote by Dean in the first article:

“I learn more from failing than succeeding. People need not be afraid to fail. I say: fail spectacularly. Take big risks and fail big – then celebrate and learn from that. If you don’t fail sometimes you are not pushing yourself hard enough.” ~Dean Karnazes

To me, this is what running and life is all about. If we never fail, how are we going to learn anything? I have learned a lot in my 2 years of running, and I am continuing to learn as I push myself to new limits and goals. One of the hardest things for me to learn is to rest my body and give myself those much needed rest days. So what did I do on my rest day today? Well, I started a reading a new running book…

by Dean Karnazes. I am always amazed by the feats that this man puts himself through and how he overcomes the obstacles that he is faced with, as he is after all, human! I am not very far into the book yet, but just the process Dean went through to get this mission started is amazing. I can’t wait to dig deep in to this book and find out how I can achieve super endurance as well! Well, maybe not to Dean’s level, but to my own level of super endurance!

Time to go get those fruits and veggies I was talking about in my previous post, and do some more reading!

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob