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In case you didn’t already know…I love running! I truly enjoy it, whether I am running 3 miles or 26.2 miles. There is just something about it that makes me feel so good, even if it hurts during and afterwards, and that something is what is referred to as the runner’s high.

I definitely got my runner’s high today with our 20 mile run! Do I particularly like getting up at 5:30 am on a Saturday? No, but I just know how awesome I am going to feel once I get some miles in! I saw this today on Facebook when we got back from our run…

This it exactly what I am talking about! I have never regretted going out for a run! Have I regretted not going for a run? You bet! But, that makes it that much easier to get out there the next day and pound that pavement. For me, nothing beats a good run!

Some of my runner’s highs include:

  • the run itself
  • the feeling of accomplishment
  • more energy
  • less stress
  • time to think
  • freedom
  • the scenery
  • running with friends

Our twenty mile run this morning definitely gave me plenty of time to reach my runner’s high. Somedays it takes longer than others, but that’s fine by me! Today’s 20 miler went pretty well. Here is a recap (those of you on Dailymile can skip ahead) of today’s run:

Here come the taper weeks (I will get to this in a few minutes), as this was our last long run. We are happy to be going into the taper weeks feeling pretty good and confident. Today’s run was much better than our 19 miler two weeks ago. The temperature was better today until about mile 16. That’s when it started to warm up a little bit and the sun stayed out more. We are happy with today’s pace (10:30mm), even though we slowed down a little bit the last 3 miles, but Rob was dealing with some shin pain and he warmed up quick by the end. He did great today and I am super proud of him!

We tried the chocolate power gels, that I won…

during today’s run. They taste like chocolate frosting, but they are thick! They are still good though and did the trick!

Here are our splits for today’s run:

1— 10:10
2— 10:20
3— 10:13
4— 10:11
5— 10:46 (2 min. walk)
6— 10:22
7— 10:13
8— 10:05
9— 11:09 (2 min. walk)
10– 10:16
11– 10:20
12– 10:32
13– 11:05 (2 min. walk)
14– 10:20
15– 10:15
16– 10:16
17– 11:17 (2 min. walk)
18– 10:39
19– 10:30
20– 10:42

We had a few fast miles in there, but overall, a pretty consistent pace. Only 3 weeks until the marathon! So excited!

On that note…the lows! I really don’t experience too many runner’s lows, as I truly enjoy running and look forward to my runs. But, as with anything else, I do have a few…

  • Tapering! I know it is good for me…blah, blah, blah…but I have a hard time with it. I guess it is because I enjoy being active and nothing gives me the same overall feeling that running does. We start tapering for the Baltimore Marathon this coming week, so I have to deal with 3 weeks of tapering before the BIG DAY! Someone help me! 🙂
  • Chaffing! I believe this is the WORST part of running, especially long distances! There is nothing worse than getting back from, say a 20 mile run, feeling pretty good. Then you get into the shower and have the warm water hit a spot that chaffed and you didn’t know about! Yeah, that happened to me today! OUCH! After the initial scream and the stinging subsided, I finished my shower and won’t think about it until it happens again! Will it stop me from running long distances? No way! 🙂

What are your running highs and lows?

Oh…I forgot one running high…being able to eat pretty much anything I want on days like today. This is why I really WANT one of these…

And on that note, I need to go and get something else to eat! But, first, I will leave you with this…

Ha, ha…I couldn’t resist posting this! I found it to be so funny and true! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob