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I was going to take a total rest day today, since we ran 20 miles yesterday, but when it looks like this outside…

and the temperature is perfect (around 70 degrees), it is too hard to spend all day in the house. I just HAD to get outside and spend some time in the sunshine and fresh air. So I grabbed Dasha and we headed out for a walk.

She was much more interested in starting her walk than she was posing for pictures. Dasha is very smart and knows exactly the right time to turn her head away from the camera as well. She doesn’t really care to have her picture taken either, so this was the best picture I could get of us before we started our walk.

Dasha enjoying her walk, but she still wouldn’t look at me! 

I don’t know what it is about going for a walk and having to go to the bathroom, but dogs just seem to put two and two together. It doesn’t seem to matter if they go before they leave the house or not because they still do it on the walk. I really think they enjoy waiting until you are nowhere near a garbage can and far enough away from the house (so you won’t just turn around) to do their business, so you have to carry a bag of poop with you for the rest of the walk. Yeah, Dasha decided to do this to me today, a 1/4 mile into our 3 mile walk! Luckily, I didn’t have to carry it for the entire 3 miles, as we came to a garbage can about half way through our walk.

Besides the normal potty breaks along the way, we had an enjoyable walk and some opportunities for pictures. We walked a route that is very familiar to me, since it is one that I have run many times, and I don’t usually have my camera with me. Today I made sure I had my camera with me, so I could take some pictures.

We run by these flowers all the time and they always smell so wonderful, especially when it is really warm out. They were still in bloom today, so I had to stop and take a picture of them.

I really want some of these for our house. They are just beautiful! Since I made Dasha stop to take a picture of the flowers, she figured she would make me stop so she could sniff yet another post/pole.

Yes, I have to sniff every single one, Mom! 

About half-way through our walk there was a small grassy area on the other side of the street that had a garbage can. We crossed the street so I could finally get rid of that “bag.” There was some shade over there and I let Dasha take a little break from all the walking.

I think she was pretty happy to be outside and enjoyed her walk around the neighborhood. She is such a girl though because she wouldn’t lie down in the grass. I could only get her to sit for a couple of minutes. Once again, not totally looking at the camera! 🙂

We continued on our walk and started heading back towards home. Dasha was doing great and still going strong, even after almost 3 miles of walking!

Even though she had a great walk and was happy to be outside, I think she was glad to finally see our house again.

I am sure she is thinking, “Stop taking pictures and just let me in!” She was in a hurry to get back inside, and the first thing she did…

was get a much deserved drink! She was a thirsty little girl! And tired too…

She didn’t stay on the back of the couch for long. I went in to take a shower and this is where she was when I got out…

She looks comfortable, doesn’t she?! Sweet baby girl!

I am so glad I decided to go out for an afternoon stroll with her. It was nice to get outside. I always feel so much better after I spend an hour or so out in the sunshine and fresh air! What a beautiful day! Maybe Autumn is finally here to stay!

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob