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I finally have some time to sit down and compose this blog. I have some good news, bad news, and just down right ugly news! I am going to start with the good news because that is so much more fun to write about than the bad and ugly news!

The Good

Thank goodness for good news because it makes it a little bit easier to deal with the bad and ugly news.

Good news number 1…We finished our 20 mile run on Saturday! It was our last really long run before the marathon!

Good news number 2 came on Monday. I received an email Monday morning from the Girls on the Run (GOTR) head coach that we were now up to 11 girls! Yes, 11! We started with 4, then 7, then 8, and now we have 11! This is great news because it means that we will definitely be able to continue with the program and have a fall season. We had our second GOTR session Monday afternoon and it was so much fun. Here is a picture of me after Monday’s lesson…

Yes, I was covered in star stickers! The lesson was all about being positive and celebrating who we are as individuals. The girls loved it and so did we!

Good news number 3…I have started substitute teaching again! My first day back was Tuesday! I forgot how much I love being in the classroom. I was wiped out by the time I got home that night, but it was totally worth it. It makes my schedule a little bit busier and crazier, so I am trying to figure out how to get everything done in a day. I don’t work every day, but the days I do are crazy busy! Already have more days lined up ahead of time, so that makes it a little bit easier, as I can plan ahead!

The next piece of good news, number 4 and my favorite, happened yesterday when I went to Target…

I finally found it! I LOVE this time of year! Pumpkin everything! I couldn’t wait to have my cup of coffee this morning….I am drinking it now…so yummy!

The last piece of good news I have, good news number 5…we have our second session for the Triathlon Clinic tonight! Tonight’s session is all about the bike and making sure it is safe and ready to ride. I am looking forward to this clinic because the bike portion of the triathlon is the one I am the most concerned about. Watch for an update from tonight’s clinic. 🙂

The Bad

Ugh! I hate bad news, but if we only ever had good news, I guess life would get pretty boring. Ok, maybe not, but it makes me feel a little bit better!

The bad news started after Saturday’s run. Rob mentioned that his right shin was hurting, so we thought it was just shin splints from running 20 miles. Unfortunately, even after icing and elevating it, it was really swollen and he could barely walk on it, not to mention the pain he was in. We were hoping it would look and feel better Sunday morning, but it looked worse! He iced and elevated some more on Sunday, which helped, as long as he didn’t walk on it.

Rob called the doctor first thing Monday morning, but couldn’t get an appointment until 1 pm on Tuesday, so off to work he went. Needless to say, the walking on it throughout the day didn’t help it at all! It was really swollen again by the time he got home from work and didn’t look any better. At this point, all we could do was wait and see what the doctor said on Tuesday.

I had to work Tuesday, so as soon as I left for the day, I call Rob to see how the appointment went and what the doctor said. Here is where it goes from bad news to just down right ugly news!

The Ugly

The doctor said it is an overuse injury to the shin! This is what Rob was worried about with having to run on that Friday as well with the flight. He said he thought he got kicked in the shin during the flight run because he ran into the back of the guy in front of him. There is a lot of starting and stopping during these runs because there are so many troops out there running, and they are running in formation. So, he didn’t really think anything about it being a shin splint or injury…until Saturday!

The doctor put him on crutches and gave him some medicine to help with the swelling and pain, which has been helping! The really ugly news…this type of injury usually takes 6 WEEKS to heal completely. Our marathon is in 3 WEEKS! The doctor is aware of the situation and is having him come back on October 9th to reevaluate the injury.

Right now…NO running and NO PT! So, it is all going to come down to if the doctor clears him to run on the 9th. If she doesn’t, no marathon for Rob! 😦 We are hoping for the best and that it heals quickly, but we aren’t going to risk anything either! We have to be smart about this as well, especially with triathlon training coming up soon!

I just feel horrible! Rob made it through all the hard weeks of training and now this happens! For those of you who don’t already know, this is/might be the second time he has been knocked out of this marathon. Last year, it happened earlier in our training, and was his hip flexor that was bothering him. Luckily, we were able to catch it early enough and defer his entry. This year that won’t be possible, as we won’t know for sure if he can run or not until the 9th, and by then it is too late to defer it. So right now, it is a waiting game for Rob.

The news has been hard on me as well because I have lost my training partner! Granted, we have hit the taper weeks, but it is still hard to stay motivated and go from running with someone to running alone. Plus, I want him to be able to run the marathon! He worked so hard!

It also makes it hard because if he can run, we have a marathon plan in mind, but if he can’t…that leaves me to run it alone. I am fine with running the marathon alone, as I did it last year. Well, I wasn’t totally alone since I ran with a pace group, but you know what I mean. My dilemma then becomes which pace group do I run with this year? I have an idea based off of how training went this year and what I ran last year, but it still makes me a little nervous. I guess I don’t really need to worry about it until the 9th, when we find out if Rob can run it or not, but I need time to prepare mentally as well.

Now we play the waiting game! This is going to be a very long 12 days! Stay tuned for more updates!

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob