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Since I was running alone, I had a lot of time to think on today’s 12 mile run and wrote most of this blog while I was running. Granted it was all in my head and I still need to actually type it, but it makes it easier to write now.

Let’s go back to Thursday night…

Thursday night we went to the Bike 101 Clinic at Fleet Feet Annapolis and learned a lot! The information provided was incredible and really helpful to new riders like us. Here are a few pictures from the clinic.

Capital Bicycle was there as well doing bike checks, answering questions and offering their services to us.

Coach Todd Lawless and his wife, Emily, were also there demonstrating pedal stroke (above) and answering lots of questions.

I was paying close attention because I am the most worried about this portion of the triathlon. I think I will be fine once we are able to start riding more and start logging some more miles.

There was pretty big group of us there! After hearing all of this information, I can’t wait to doing some more riding!


Yesterday was a rest day! I still loathe rest days! You will understand why in a few minutes. Since it was a rest day, I was able to get some much needed stuff done around the house, which made it a little bit better. Rob and I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, after he got home from work, for a couple of things. It was just long enough for me to get out of the house for a few minutes. There wasn’t a whole lot going on yesterday. It was a pretty boring day!

And that brings me to Saturday…

Today was a beautiful day for a run!

I slept in this morning until 8:30 am and it felt wonderful! This is the first time in weeks I have been able to sleep in on a Saturday. I got up, had a cup of coffee (with pumpkin spice creamer, of course) and some oatmeal before heading out for my run. I wasn’t too worried about it getting out there early this morning because 1) it was a shorter run and 2) it was much cooler out. I didn’t get started until about 11 am and it was still only 60 degrees out! Amazing! You can even see that it looks cooler! 🙂

I love it when it looks like this out, but the high for the day is only 70 degrees! 🙂

The first couple of miles were tough. I took a total rest day yesterday and now I know why I hate taking total rest days before a run. My legs felt so heavy for the first 2 miles, but once they decided they wanted to run, there was no stopping them.

This is why I need to run with a pace group for the marathon! My splits were pretty consistent and everything felt really good, after the first 2 miles, but I still was a little bit faster than I was planning on. I just went with what felt comfortable and easy today.

I think my Garmin’s GPS started me a little bit before I actually started running, so I ran .06 after the 12 mile mark to even it out. I have added that extra time into my pace and put the extra at the end of my splits.

Here are my splits for today’s run:

1— 9:33
2— 9:02
3— 9:21
4— 9:20
5— 9:13
6— 9:22
7— 9:12
8— 9:00
9— 9:17
10– 9:08
11– 9:00
12– 9:01
.06- 0:28

I am really happy with today’s run and ended up with an average pace of 9:14! I felt like I could have run all day! One of these days I just might do that! 🙂

Feeling great after today’s run! 

I ended my 12 mile run with a 2 mile cool down walk. It was just so beautiful out there this afternoon. I love this time of year and here is why…

The leaves are changing…

and falling!

Autumn is definitely my favorite season! I love everything about it…the colors, the smells, the food, and, of course, the cooler temperatures!

What is your favorite season?

So what did I think about on my 12 mile run today?! Besides, writing this blog?! Mostly running, since that is what I was doing, big surprise I know! Seriously though…I was thinking about where I want to go next with my running. Here are some things I have been thinking about…

1. Ultra running – I really want to run an ultra, first a 50k then a 50 miler, and I know exactly which one I want to run. The Can Lake 50 in upstate New York around Canandaigua Lake. It looks beautiful and takes place in October, which just happens to be during my favorite season! Plus, I am from New York, and not too far from there! Ideally, I would like to do this one next October, but I will have to wait and see!

2. Boston Marathon – I have been doing a lot of thinking about Boston recently, not really sure why, but seeing other’s pictures and posts about qualifying for Boston definitely is inspiring. When I first started running just over 2 years ago, I never had any intentions of even trying to qualify for Boston. I figured it would always just be a dream! Recently, I have been thinking about pursuing that dream. I never thought I would become the runner I am today. I never thought I would run as fast as I do now. I never thought I would like running, but I love it! I thought about this dream a lot on today’s run. I felt so good for today’s run, and I know not every run feels like this, but it really had me thinking about Boston and trying to qualify for it. Now, this will not happen overnight or even in the next year…I am pretty sure, but definitely something I can see myself doing in the next couple of years. Just typing this now makes me both nervous and excited about it!

Do you have any intentions of qualifying for Boston?

Have you qualified for Boston? If so, which marathon course did you run your BQ time on?

Those are the 2 main things I have been doing a lot of thinking about! We all need to have our goals and dreams, right?!

I finished off today’s workout with 30 minutes of stretching with my stretching partner…

She stretches with me almost everyday! She thinks it is her time to be petted and loved. She thinks it is fun to rub up against me too…yuck! Of course I pet and love on her, how could I not?! But, all I really want to do is stretch so I can go shower! 🙂

Update on Rob…

He is doing much better! The swelling is going down and the pain is much better…thanks to the medicine, but still no running until he goes back to the doctor on the 9th!

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob