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As the day comes to an end, we bid farewell to September and look forward to, what we hope will be, a wonderful October!

I ended September with a nice and easy 22 mile spin on the bike trainer this afternoon…

in just over an hour! I had the resistance fairly easy because I just wanted something to get my legs moving today. It did the trick and my legs feel great! We will see how great they feel in the morning for tomorrow’s run though!

I have posted September’s stats here! Another incredible month of running and my highest total mileage ever!

Speaking of an incredible month of running…how about 4 incredible months of running and 3,700 miles across the country. I was reading someone else’s blog the other day and they did an interview with the author of this book…

The interview content peaked my interest, so I went to Amazon and looked up his book. The book has great reviews and was only $3.47 for the Kindle! Needless to say…I bought it. I started reading it, and from what I have read so far, it really is an inspiring story! I actually can’t wait to read some more before bed tonight! I even snuck in a few pages earlier today as well! 🙂

I am still reading Christopher McDougall’s book Born To Run, but I am having a really hard time getting into it. Anyone else reading this book? Has anyone read it and had a similar response?

Tomorrow is October 1st and you know what that means…only 12 days until the marathon! I am getting so excited! I just love the whole atmosphere of the marathon! The expo, the other runners, the crowd, and the finish line! 🙂

We are still hoping that Rob will be able to run and be able to enjoy the experience as well!

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob