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I wanted to write this blog last night, but I was so tired after a day of teaching 26 third graders that I ended up falling asleep on the couch! I came home, changed my clothes, ate some dinner, started watching The Big Bang Theory, and before I knew it, Rob was waking me up. I was beat, so yesterday ended up being a rest day, but I still wore pink!

I have worn pink every day this month, so far, in support of breast cancer awareness month, and I have completed 2 runs in honor of 4 wonderful women! I have decided to dedicate/honor each run to at least 2 people who have breast cancer, are survivors, or who lost their fight with it.

Monday was the first day of MY Go Pink campaign!


Monday’s miles were dedicated to Danny W.’s mother, June W. and mother-in-law, Virginia F. who are both breast cancer survivors! It was an honor to run and dedicate these miles to these wonderful women. Thanks Danny for helping me support breast cancer awareness!

Monday night I had GOTR! We have a wonderful group a little runners! It is amazing to see how much they support each other!

On Tuesday, even though it was a rest day, I continued with my 31 days of pink.

I wore pink to work! I was sure if I had anything pink to wear to work or not, but then I remembered that I had this sweater! Perfect! It was a good day to work, as it rained most of the day. It makes it easier to go to work when it is raining because then I don’t want to stay home and run all day!

Today, I ran in honor of my friend Jami’s Nana, who is a breast cancer survivor, and Amber, a friend of Jami’s, who is fighting her battle with breast cancer right now!

I was still sporting the pink! Today’s 5 miles are for them!

It was a hot and humid run today, but that is nothing compared to what these lovely ladies have and are currently going through. I just kept the miles easy and enjoyable due to the humidity and heat. No need to push the pace 10 days before the marathon!

Here are my splits for today’s run:

1— 9:12
2— 9:03
3— 9:04
4— 9:00
5— 8:58

I am loving how consistent my splits have been these last few runs! I felt really comfortable at this pace, even with the humidity. So, I am excited for marathon day!

We are still hoping Rob will be able to run, but we won’t find out until Tuesday! Which also happens to be the same day we find out our bib numbers! I don’t know why I get so excited about it, but I do! I love knowing my bib number ahead of time! I guess it just makes it all seem real!

Speaking of the marathon…this is where I need YOUR help! I would love to have a breast cancer awareness tribute to wear for the marathon, but I need more survivors and fighters’ names in order to do this! I would love to have 1 name for each mile…26…and I only have 6 right now! I still need 20 more! I have an idea in my head for the design already, but I haven’t had time to actually put it on paper. Maybe by Sunday, but I need your help first! If you would like me to dedicate a mile of my marathon to a loved who has battled or is battling breast cancer, please let me know, and I would be honored to do so!

We need to find a cure!

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob