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If I didn’t believe in guardian angels already, I definitely would after the experience I had during my run this afternoon.

I got around for today’s solo run with my normal routine. I didn’t know exactly how far I was going to run, but I was at least hoping for a double digit run for a couple of reasons: 1) I haven’t had a lot of time to run since the marathon (recap is coming!) due to work, which resulted in only 2 days of running this week before today, and 2) Hurricane Sandy! I needed today’s run, and with the impending storm, I knew today was going to be my best chance to get in a long run.

So, at about 1:00 pm, I headed out for my run! I decided to run a little bit different of a route than I normally do because I was going for a longer run and didn’t want to run the same loop 4 times! I have run this portion of the route before, so it wasn’t new or anything, but there was definitely more traffic than on a normal Saturday. Between the storm heading our way and election day coming up next week, the public library about 1 mile into today’s route was PACKED, as it was being used as an early voting place. If I would have known this ahead of time, I would never have even run that route and after the first time through there today, it was also my last. It was way too busy! So busy that they even had police officers out there directing traffic through the traffic light!

I am very lucky and thankful for my guardian angel during my run today because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be sitting her writing this blog right now. I would be in the hospital. I am a very cautious runner, but accidents can still happen, and one almost did 1 mile into today’s run.

I was coming up to a side street and there was a truck at the stop sign waiting to turn left, but because of the increase in traffic and a traffic light on the road he was turning on to he could not go. I made eye contact with him, so I knew that he saw me and knew that I was going to cross in front of him, since the light was still red. I could see that there was nothing coming towards of me, as I was running in that direction. I turned and looked behind me to see if anyone coming up towards the light was planning on turning left on to the side street. There were a couple of cars coming, but they were slowing down to wait for the light. There is a bank and another parking lot entrance on the other side of the street and apparently the vehicle waiting over there decided they didn’t want to wait any longer. They sped across the intersection to beat the cars that were coming and right on to the side street I was trying to cross!

Somehow I stopped in time and less than 6 inches from the side of her vehicle! I could have touched her vehicle as she went by, that’s how close I was to her. I have no idea how I ended up stopping. I just remember all of a sudden hearing the acceleration of a vehicle and looked to the side and stopped in my tracks. I was in the middle of the road when I stopped, just on the other side of the truck that was waiting for me to cross, and she NEVER saw me! I know this because she didn’t even look to the side when I stopped and she never even touched her brakes! I just shook my head in disbelief and continued across the street and on my run.

That was way too close of a call for me! It took me until about mile 2 before I realized what had happened and I started to cry! I wasn’t crying because I was upset, but because I some how just missed being hit! Someone was definitely looking over me for today’s run! I almost just headed home and called it a day after that, but decided to just stick to my middle sized loop near the house instead. I am glad that I continued to run because it turned out to be a decent run.

I ended up getting in 11 miles today! This is my longest run since the marathon 2 weeks ago! Very happy with these splits:

1— 8:58

2— 8:57

3— 8:54

4— 8:56

5— 9:02

6— 8:56

7— 8:49

8— 8:50

9— 8:47

10– 8:42

11– 8:35

I have continued my 31 days of pink and today was number 27!

Lots of pink for today’s run! After today’s incident, I am so glad that I have my Road ID (on my right wrist) and wear it (especially when I run alone) because you never know when you will need it. It could have paid for itself today! Glad I didn’t end up needing it though!

This is just one reason why I have a Road ID! If you don’t have a Road ID, please get one. It could save your life! This is also why I NEVER wear music when I run! If I would have been listening to music, I never would have heard the vehicle and been able to stop in time.

I definitely owe a big thank you to my guardian angel for keeping me safe during today’s run!

Up next…Baltimore Marathon recap! Stay tuned! šŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob