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Are you flexible with your training? I used to stress about getting the miles in on the days that I was supposed to, but I don’t anymore. I have found that being flexible with my training schedule has allowed me to enjoy the training more.

Today was one of those days that we were supposed to run, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to push our run to tomorrow. We haven’t had any water since about 9:15 this morning and a 5 mile run without being able to shower afterwards, just wasn’t going to happen.

Would I have liked to run? Of course, as it was beautiful out, but tomorrow is supposed to be even better. I will just enjoy tomorrow’s run all the more because I was ready to run today.

Since I couldn’t run, I did Les Mills Pump – Hard Core Abs again today. This is definitely my favorite ab workout. It is short and sweet and it works! I can already feel it!

This came today…

DSCN0383I love getting running goodies in the mail! Since there aren’t any running stores here, it really feels like Christmas. We were hoping to get this stuff in the mail this week, as we were all out of the Clif Shots, and we have a 20 mile run on Saturday! I love the Halo headbands as well. They work great!

Speaking of Christmas…THIS is what I would like this year!

garmin620It is the new Garmin 620. I am still trying to decide which color to get..the black/blue or the white/orange.

Which one would you get? Why?

Any running gear on your Christmas list this year?

What do you use to fuel your long runs?

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob