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This is exactly what I was talking about the other day on my blog.


Yes, turn your dreams into reality! Only YOU can make them happen!

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I am on pins and needles right now…


I am waiting for some potentially great news, so I have been frantically checking my email. Unfortunately, it can still be 3 days before I find out for sure if one of my dreams will be coming true or not.

The wait has been driving me crazy all week! I am still hopeful and crossing my fingers! Hopefully, in the next couple of days I will have exciting news to share.

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I remember when 4 miles was a long run. Now it is barely a warm-up, but, that is what the training program called for, so that is all we did.

Quick recap of tonight’s run:

A dark 4 mile run this evening. We set the clocks back 1 hour this past Sunday, so it is getting dark here earlier yet. We ran pretty much all for 4 in the dark, but it was a beautiful evening for it. Everything felt great and effortless!

Here are our splits for tonight’s run:

1— 9:06
2— 9:07
3— 9:04
4— 8:48

Feeling good heading into the taper weeks.

Glad we were able to get our run in! Unfortunately, the one thing you don’t want to come home to after a 4 mile run is…no water, and last minute notice is always nice too!

Oh well, nothing like taking a “bath” with 2 gallons of water, but I guess it is better than nothing!

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– What is one thing you want to accomplish more than anything in the world?

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob