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Is it really November 1st already?! This year has gone by fast, but part of that is probably due to moving half-way around the world.

Happy November from beautiful Ankara, Turkey!


It definitely didn’t feel like November, at least not the Novembers I am used too, here today. It was a beautiful, warm (68 degrees), and sunny day! I am loving this weather, but I am sure it won’t stay like this for too much longer.

Now that we are into the month of November we are into the holiday season. Halloween candy is in the house, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Christmas and New Year’s isn’t far behind. So, here is a little Friday motivation to keep you going as we cruise into the holiday festivities.


No matter what you are doing, just keep going! It is a hard time of the year for everyone, me included, but if I keep moving I know that I will be fine. Remember, you can eat anything you want…in moderation! Moderation is the key!

Since today was a running rest day and I was feeling much better, it was time to get that core work in.


I totally forgot I had this awesome, bright orange Nike run shirt!

Today’s Les Mills Pump – Hard Core Abs workout was great! I definitely felt the burn after a couple of days off, but I am already feeling a difference in my core. This is one of my favorite moves and one of the things that gets me through the really hard part of the DVD because it is one of the last moves that you do.


It is a great move for your obliques! Of course, you work other parts of your body as well, but you just don’t think about it at the time.

Lunch was this delicious salad.


Lettuce, cucumber, black olives, chicken, white cheese, and this for the dressing.


Pomegranate sauce! I add some of the pomegranate sauce and some lemon juice for a healthy dressing. Yummy!

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I finally created my Race Bucket List. You can see it here. I will be crossing some of those on the list off soon! 🙂

– What is on your bucket list?

– What keeps you motivated during the holidays?

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob