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These are 2 of the most important parts of marathon training for me, but tapering is definitely the hardest part. This eBib pretty much sums it up!


I know tapering before a marathon, or any race, is important, but why does it have to be so hard to do?

This is a great article from Runner’s World on the importance of tapering before a marathon.

Why You Should Taper Before A Marathon!

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We are 9 days out from our marathon so this week and next week are our taper weeks. I really tried to remember that for my 4 mile run today and ended up with this…


Probably a little faster than it should be, but slower isn’t always better either. Everything felt great for today’s run and I didn’t push the pace. I just went with what felt comfortable for that mile.

It was just a little bit cloudy for today’s run.


Of course it started raining as soon as I got outside and was ready to start my warm-up walk.


This eBib sums up how I feel about running in the rain!


I actually love running in the rain. I think it is so refreshing! Unfortunately for me, it didn’t rain for very long. It only rained for my 1/2 mile warm-up walk and part of the 1st mile of my run.

I ran on the trail across the street from our apartment complex. I would rather run down by the lake, but for these short runs it just doesn’t make sense to drive down there.

I don’t mind the path across the street too much for shorter runs because it is pretty much like running on a track, except it is straight. But definitely not flat!


This is my least favorite part of the path! The hill starts at 0 meters and doesn’t completely level off until the 1300 meter mark!


Even with the hills, today’s 4 miler felt really good. Here are my splits for today’s run:
1— 8:25
2— 8:19
3— 8:04
4— 8:02

Total Time: 32:50  Average Pace: 8:13

It didn’t look much better out there by the time I got back home today either.


The sun was trying to peak through all of those clouds, but never quite made it. Turned out to be a very dreary day.

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I believe stretching after every run is what has kept me injury free throughout my training runs. I stretch after every single run!

When I first started stretching after my runs, I am not going to lie, I hated it. It was time consuming and I didn’t feel like doing it. I started with only 10 minutes of stretching and gradually increased my stretching time over the last 3 years.

Now, I stretch for at least 15 minutes after every run. Most days I stretch for 20 minutes, but increase my stretching time to 25-30 minutes for really long, hard runs.

I love stretching after every run now. It is a great way to finish cooling down and to bring my heart rate down. I find it to be very relaxing!

I do the same stretching routine every time. I took a lot of my stretches from the Insanity program. I had just finished 2 rounds of Insanity before I started running, so the only stretches that I knew where from that program.

I came across this article from Runner’s World about one of the stretches that I do for my hamstrings.

Study: Standing Stretch Better Than Seated for Hamstrings


I finished today’s workout with 20 minutes of stretching/foam rolling. I also fit in a round of Les Mills Pump – Hard Core Abs.

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I haven’t had a lot of time recently to read much in Matt Fitzgerald’s book, Racing Weight.


I will post an update about the book soon!

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– Do you enjoy the taper weeks of training?

– Do you like to run in the rain?

– Do you stretch after your runs?

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob