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This is definitely the life….


Dasha knows how to relax! Sometimes I wish I could just sleep all day!

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Wow! It has been a busy few weeks since we got back from our trip to Istanbul and southern Turkey. (Still working on the blog post from our trip! Lots of pictures to go through!)

We got back on Thursday, November 21st and have been going ever since. It started with a trip to the vet Friday afternoon. Dasha was very dehydrated and wasn’t eating, so we were very worried. She ended up spending the night there and it broke my heart because the last time we left our baby at the vet overnight he didn’t come home. 😦 Thankfully, she was doing much better when we went to pick her up Saturday afternoon. She still wasn’t feeling 100 percent, but she was on the mend until Thanksgiving Day.

We hosted Thanksgiving at our place this year! It was very nice to have people over for the holiday. We had a total of 10 people for Thanksgiving dinner, including us. The only pictures I managed to get that day was of the food.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving as well.

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As I mentioned above, Dasha was on the mend, but later that night she was still not eating much and wasn’t feeling well again. We think all the people being here made her anxious and messed with her stomach. She still wasn’t feeling great Friday morning, so we went to the store to buy her some canned food (she usually only eats dry food). She didn’t want that food either, but we managed to get her to eat a little bit of human food, so she would have something in her stomach. Finally, we decided to try the dry food she was eating before. Success! I am happy to report that Dasha is back to her normal, energetic self! 🙂

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The day after Thanksgiving is when we have always put up our Christmas tree. I wasn’t going to put up a tree this year because it is only us and we are so far away from family and friends. As the holidays started getting closer, I was going back and forth about putting up a tree. A few days before Thanksgiving, I decided I was definitely going to put a tree up. So, Friday afternoon we went and bought a tree, some decorations, and put our Christmas tree up while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.


It is a small tree this year, but I love how it turned out!

Dasha posing in front of the tree.


And a close up of our little girl by the tree.


Friday was a tough day for us because it marked 3 months without our beloved Duke. We went and visited him that morning. This time of the year was his favorite. Here is a picture of Duke and I in front of our tree from last year.


I am glad that I decided to put a tree up this year. It definitely makes it feel more like the holiday season.

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Yes, I have been running! It has been so nice to run as much or as little as I want and as often as I want! I love it!

Our weather has definitely gotten colder though, but I actually like cold weather running as long as I am dressed properly. Today I was thankful for my Under Armour cold gear!


Here is a recap of today’s run:

A cold 4 mile run early this afternoon. In the sun it wasn’t bad, but the path was pretty shady for most of the run. The wind didn’t help either! The thermometer on our building said around 38 degrees without the wind. My hands froze the entire run, even with these gloves on!


I just took it easy for today’s run, since I ran hard yesterday.

Here are my splits:

1— 9:11
2— 8:40
3— 8:37
4— 8:23

A nice little progressive run today!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I haven’t ran with music the last couple of days because I needed to create a running playlist so I don’t have to listen to a whole cd while I am running. I hate having to mess with my iPod while I am on the move. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s run because I bought a few new songs and created a playlist!

Here is what my running playlist looks like!


This should keep me busy for a few days!

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I almost forgot. I can’t believe it! Catching Fire was AWESOME! If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it!


– Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?

– What gloves do you wear for running? 

– What’s on your running playlist?

Thanks for reading!

~Brooke & Rob