Another EARLY morning, but so glad I got out there when I did because it was a HOT one!


Energize and some oatmeal for breakfast before today’s long run.


We are actually under a heat advisory,  so I honestly didn’t expect too much from this run. That and the fact that I ran 17 miles just 3 DAYS AGO!

Yes, normally today would be a speed work day, but I had to switch my running schedule up because I am traveling to New Orleans for the Beachbody Coach Summit tomorrow through Sunday! I didn’t want to miss my long run, especially since it was a 20 miler. Those 20 milers are SO IMPORTANT! So, I knew I had to get it in before I left for New Orleans!

This is NOT the type of weather a runner wants to see at 6:12 am! Ugh!


There was a beautiful sunrise this morning and some cloud cover though…


…which always helps!

Before today’s 20 miler…


…and after 20 miles…


Can you tell that it was humid?! 🙂 I was soaked!

Right down to my feet…


20 miles in the books…


I was so happy for the cloud cover I got throughout the run…


…as it definitely helped to be able to finish out the last few miles. Today’s run was tough, especially the last 6 miles. It was just so hot by the end of today’s run…


I did have some encouragement from people around my neighborhood that always see me out running. Hearing that they admire my determination, wishing me good luck and telling me great job after a tough run, definitely helps and makes it all worth it!

The GOAL for today’s run was 20 miles @ 9:12! 

I didn’t think it was going to be possible between the heat and running 17 miles 3 days ago, but…

FullSizeRender (46)

…I FREAKING DID IT! It took me until the last mile to actually hit it, but I did it! 🙂

Here are my splits for today’s run…

FullSizeRender (44)FullSizeRender (45)

THREE HOURS of running! Wow! It’s been a long time since I have done that!

After a solo 1 mile cool down walk, it was time to walk the pups, but I needed to change first!

And…who doesn’t walk their dogs while eating a mini bagel and drinking hydrate?

I walked Dasha first, since it was getting so warm…


Then it was Dakota’s turn…


And the temperature when we got done walking…


Too dang HOT!

I was so happy to head back inside in the A/C to drink my recover, stretch and watch some Rachel Ray before a shower.


Then it was FINALLY time for a second breakfast…


I love breakfast food after a long run!

Day 10  — COMPLETE! 

Next run is Sunday…due to travel and Coach Summit, but I will still be working out!

Thank you for reading and following my journey to the Chicago and Kansas City Marathons!